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What we believe in
We believe in positive change to business and processes, and then using this work to fund solutions to social and common issues.

Creating Value

Creating value comes from addressing pressing problems. Delta finds and addresses problems from business to social. We are focused on total value of a project without relying on outside investment or government to decide legitimacy. Technology has given us the opportunity to create widely-distributable value to solve issues which otherwise would be cost prohibitive.

Innovative Analysis

In order to facilitate generating value, we help develop metrics and processes to observe and generate value. Attention is paid to structuring solutions, to include opportunities for data points. Analysis itself can also be a powerful tool for generating value for verticals such as cybersecurity, business market structure, and policy.

Improve Collaboration

Projects thrive or die based on their team and collaborators. While excellent technical skills are important for development; communication, trust and ethical management are important for team development.

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